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Benefit from more than 40 years of business-to-business tele-services experience.

Experience. Expertise. Results.

Tele Business USA is the nation’s leading provider of business-to-business tele-services. For over 40 years, some of the top companies in the world have relied on our company to provide the highest quality lead generation, appointment setting, direct sales, market research, account management and inbound customer service, ensuring their success. 

We understand your challenges. We know that your customers and prospects are being inundated with messages, from social media, email, phone, web advertising, and more! How do you make sure that your message is heard through all the noise? How do you ensure your message is delivered to your target? How will your company stand out among your competitors?

Through a partnership with Tele Business USA! We have the experience and expertise to develop a customize communication program for your company to stand head and shoulders above the crowd. We act as a seamless extension of your organization, providing you with a dedicated team of highly trained professionals that have the skills necessary for success.  No matter what your needs, our combination of elite communication professionals, proven telemarketing solutions, and ability to advance the sales process will result in increased revenues for your company.

A Stable Choice in an Unstable Market.

We’ve been providing professional tele-services for over four decades. Our longevity in business means that we’ve seen economic booms, recessions, wars and now a pandemic. Through it all, we’ve helped our clients continue to communicate with their customers and prospects, driving new business and saving existing customers. We have the ability to help you sort through the chaos, putting your marketing & communications plans in action to help you succeed.

We Don’t Just Promise, We Deliver Results.

The bottom line is that we deliver results. And, we have a host of loyal clients that have been using our services for many years because of those results. It all boils down to return on investment. We outline our goals with you before the first call is made so we know how success will measured. We then track our progress towards that goal every step of the way. When we hit our goals, you win!

Get More Leads For Your Business Today


Our programs are built to increase sales with high caliber leads while tracking ROI for your company.


Set your business development team up for success with more time for closing new business from generated leads.


Thorough understanding of customer lifecycle and mapping territories.


All agents are US-based, virtual and specialize in Business-to-Business (B2B) tele-services.

Year over Year, clients rely on us for lead generation

How many attempts does it take to connect to a company in your target industry? When you speak to a decision maker, what is the success rate at securing an appointment? These types of questions and statistics are what we look at day in and day out. Here are some company-wide numbers from the past 12 months:


Completed Calls / Conversations


Leads Generated / Appointments


Call Campaigns / Programs


A Decade of Appointments

"Over the past five years, we've closed over $100 million in new business from appointments set by Tele Business USA."

SVP @ Top 5 US Bank

Expertise, Knowledge and Partnership

"The TBIZ Team has the capacity to generate new leads, perform market research and try new ideas/campaigns at a moment's notice."

VP, Marketing @ $100 Million Revenue Company

Challenge Accepted

As a start-up, we launched a new software. The intial results of calling proved unsuccessful through many different iterations. We've gone back to refine our target buyer at companies based on these initial results.

VP of Sales @ SaaS start-up

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